STRESS and how I solve(?) it!


(Firstly you should note that my featured image is just me bragging about my new fox onesie, and doesn’t actually really relate to this post whatsoever. Yep.)

I think stress is a part of most, if not all people’s lives and it does get a bit much sometimes. Particularly at this time of year, I know it can really freak people out a fair bit trying to get everything done and can take away from the enjoyment of it all!

While obviously I realise that there are people who a) have waaay more stressful things to deal with and b) have actual mental health issues as well, but I do think it’s good to keep the ol’ brain in check and from running away with itself, as mine sometimes tends to do.

Whether it’s work stress, stressing about how I’m ever gonna save up enough money for a flat deposit before I’m 30 (haaaaahahaha) or just remembering something dumb I did like five years ago (OMG why, brain, why?!) it can get me down a bit sometimes and also stop me falling asleep easily, which pretty much just keeps that fun cycle going!

One way of chilling out a bit I totally love and which I’ll admit I was extremely skeptical of at first is Mindfulness. I started using the Headspace app a while back and find the 10-minute sessions are ideal for just giving my mind a bit of a break. Thinking about something other than life stuff really helps me de-stress and more importantly, helps me fall asleep if I’ve got around five million things on my mind! There are a ton of other apps, videos and stuff out there concerning meditation and mindfulness so if you fancy trying it, I recommend looking about to find the one you like best. If you don’t, hey ho!

Something else I was also a bit like wtf about is ASMR videos. I read about it in an article (possibly a Vice article cuz I are Millennial innit) a couple of months ago and could identify with some of the feelings described in it. If you’ve ever used one of those head massager thingies that looks a bit like a claw and liked it, that’s what ASMR is. But it’s also a bit more than that. It can really relax you and send you into a bit of a trance if done properly, but some of the YouTube channels admittedly give me the heebie-jeebies. Basically the only person whose ASMR vids don’t entirely creep me out is the lovely Maria aka GentleWhispering, because she has a fair few vids where it’s like you’re in a spa, getting your hair/makeup done or something similar which I find AMAZINGLY relaxing. I can’t make it through the spa one in particular without falling deeply asleep, and I find the whole experience pretty blissful. I will admit that her Russian accent is a part of this, because she is just freaking adorable and definitely on my BFF List, which is undoubtedly something we’ll cover in future.

I think, in general, it’s just a good idea to keep tabs on how you’re feeling and respond to it. Make yourself feel better however you can – whether that’s getting cosy and having a Netflix binge, listening to your fave music (or discovering new stuff!) or eating some chocolate/whatever without giving a single damn, just trying to cut yourself some slack. Easier said than done, I’m well aware, but a lot of the stuff I get worked up about is either not really an issue or not actually that important!

But if you’re really struggling with mental health issues, it’s important to get help. From a helpline, from another professional, from your friends, whomever! Know that you aren’t alone and someone out there will listen to you. Here’s a short list in case you’re in need of any of them:

Samaritans: you can also phone them 24/7 on 116 123




The Spark: more for relationship advice, but obviously this is something that can take its toll on your mental health, too.

I like to think I’m someone that people can come to if they need help, but at the end of the day I’m not a professional – so I would recommend the above organisations if my friends were in serious need of some help!

Til next time,

D x


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