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2017, bring it!


(Side note, look at my amazing new dress from Mela London – via New Look, obviously. Not even sponsored – I wish!! – just bloody love that shop.)

2016 was pretty horrendous in many ways, from Brexit and Trump – both of which were at one time seemingly impossible outcomes – to the horrific events happening on a regular basis in Syria, the deaths of many much-loved celebrities, plus losing a friend of mine. But as I have said previously in real life, it would be unfair of me to say it was the worst year ever.

I joined my very best pal Graeme’s band – Graeme Quinn and the Graeme Quintet, wondering how many more times I can plug this on here without being annoying… – and it’s been seriously excellent so far. I got to play King Tut’s twice, both times a brilliant experience especially because it’s such a renowned venue, and have generally had a great time playing with the guys as well as gaining more confidence in my own musical abilities. I also went to New York, which was amazing and a whole lot of fun. I got my new job which I’ve really been enjoying and oh yeah – got to dye my hair purple as a result, which I’ve been wanting to do for literally (and I do mean literally) years! So on a selfish, personal level, the year was definitely a success.

I’m not making any serious resolutions this year, because I usually put myself under a lot of pressure (see also: decide to try and do way too many things, end up doing basically none of them!) but I was pleased with where I got to by the end of last year, so more of the same should be fine I think. Generally working on being a better person is something, plus I’d like to get my French back up to standard, as I’ve really let it slip since I graduated and don’t want it getting any worse! I’m feeling pretty optimistic for this year and want to improve things even more, so I really hope I stay as motivated as I’m feeling just now!!

I hope this year brings happiness for you all, do any of you have any specific goals/resolutions for 2017? Or maybe just some revelations??

Til next time,

D x


Cheers to 2017! Here’s me trying to be sophisticated on Christmas Day 😛



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