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Pastry Pursuit!




I have come to a conclusion over recent times concerning baked goods (you may already know I have strong feelings about any kind of pastries, cakes etc.) in that I have HAD IT…




…with larger bakeries/cake sellers who get all of the money for, let’s face it, mediocre offerings. (I’m not just saying “chains” because there are plenty of chains I do like!)

This is something I’ve been plagued by for a while, due to my consistent dislike of a certain chain whose name contains a Zutons song. (Or Mark Ronson if that’s more your bag, the original is still the best in my opinion!) I was so excited when we first got them in Scotland, as my Aunty who lives in England had been banging on about this retailer for a while, and at first glance their cakes/pastries looked amaaaazing.

You can only imagine my disappointment when a rather wonderful-looking Black Forest Gâteau (my favourite EVER cake, incidentally) my parents got me for my birthday a few years ago, looked fabulous but tasted……..of nothing. Sweetness obviously, a slight hint of chocolate perhaps, but not even the tiniest bit of cherry and no other discernible flavour. The texture was all good, in fairness, but HOW did they manage to lose all of the flavour? This was again my experience when I decided to give them another go: beautiful cakes, near-perfect texture, zero flavour. And yet people still seem to go absolutely nuts for them.

Thus begins… PASTRY PURSUIT! *fanfare, joyous weeping and such*

(I was going to call it Cake Quest but it turns out that’s already an internets thing to do with Minecraft, soooo.)

I know – from experience and having been told – that there are loooads of fantastic independent cakeries in and around Glasgow who should really be getting all of the business/attention the big players are getting, as their goods are significantly better and not necessarily any more expensive – although if they are it’s probably worth it!

And so I have graciously taken it upon myself to shed some light on these peeps, by going and eating ALL OF THE CAKE, YEAH. I will then post about each business on here and obviously I’m going to have to try a few things from each one…for fairness. Yep.

My qualifications for this much-needed task are: I worked in a well-known bakery for 4 years (although the company is more well-known for their biscuits…) and sampled pretty much everything in the shop. And I bloody love baked goods – did I mention that already? – so I would find it difficult to believe there’s someone more up to this job than me 😛




Suggestions will of course be considered, if there’s somewhere you think I definitely need to visit then please tell me! Aaaaaand of course help is always welcome – so hit me up (subject to a relevant experience/qualifications check, natch) if you fancy tagging along on a visit 🙂

Genuinely so excited about this!!! What better way to spend my time than by eating baked goods, I ask?

Til next time,

D x


3 thoughts on “Pastry Pursuit!

  1. Oh cool!! I’ll defos have a look at that 😊
    Each to their own I guess! My fave ever strawberry gateau is Tunnock’s but they like never make it!!


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