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Ooh La La Land!


(Most unoriginal post title ever, I am well aware!)

SO. I went to see La La Land a couple of nights ago with Mother Debs, and WOW. I’m always a bit sceptical when everybody goes completely nuts for something as whatever it is doesn’t usually tend to live up to the hype for me. Granted, this is probably mostly because I overthink everything and get over-excited about everything, so I’m ruining it for myself there really.

La La Land didn’t disappoint whatsoever! As I have already pointed out on Twitter, I wasn’t exactly going to hate it, since it’s a musical (check) featuring three of my favourite things (Emma Stone – we are absolutely destined to be bffs, I’m sure of it – Ryan Gosling and jazz = check, check, check!) but I honestly absolutely loved it. I’m a fan of old-timey musicals and right from the fabulous opening number, this was a wonderful throwback to that. Add in numerous vintage film posters/references strewn throughout La La Land itself, plus some subtler homages to the great cinematic masterpieces of yesteryear and you’re left with a nostalgic-feeling yet totally modern film.

I meeeeeeeeean, look how pretty!!! (Credit:

The style and cinematography were pretty breathtaking too – I particularly loved the wide shots outside of buildings and the frequent use of bright, primary colours. This is a film with a proper, defined look about it and I think that definitely adds to the overall experience.


The plot itself is magical and gives you such a range of feels! I was glad the lights didn’t come on right away at the end of the film, because the tears were streaming down my face (and I don’t cry pretty, I can assure you!) it was all just so lovely. The dancing was beautiful, so graceful and amazing – it made me wish I’d taken up dancing when I was younger, so I could manage to achieve something even a bit similar to that!

And as if I was going to finish this post without mentioning the SOUNDTRACK. Oh ma gawd! Right from the get-go, the score and songs are fantastic and I’ve had the album on a loop for the past couple of days. Huge kudos to Justin Hurwitz, who only has one other film composing credit to his name besides Whiplash. I was fully expecting the soundtrack to be by a more household name composer, but I’m actually glad it’s not to be honest! (Love people like Zimmer and Williams obv, but I’m fairly sure they’re getting enough gigs to keep em happy!) Special mention in particular to the double-time bit of A Lovely Night, it’s giving me so much life right now!

Swoon! (Credit:

I definitely want to go and see La La Land again, and SOON! If you’ve seen it, what are your thoughts?? If you haven’t, are you planned to or are you not bothered…?

Til next time,

D x


5 thoughts on “Ooh La La Land!

  1. Late to this post but I too L O V E D this movie, and I will follow up with the suggestion that you watch Whiplash (by the same team that did La La Land) – the music is aces although it’s a bit ‘darker’ in tone and it’s not a musical… but it’s still fab!

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    1. Mmmmmm I saw Whiplash the other week and thought it was just ok! Cracking performance by JK Simmons but the main dude annoyed me, plus there were only two (TWO) female musicians in the entire film :/

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