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Pastry Pursuit begins: My Home Bakery! (Partick)


And so, Pastry Pursuit begins!! I took the opportunity to visit the fabulous My Home Bakery when I was in Partick getting my hair did on Friday at the equally fabulous Style Bar – no doubt I’ll do a post on that particular establishment in future cause it’s great!

My Home Bakery was already firmly on my list, having been a fan of their delicious goodies for a while. It’s a totey wee place but is always busy no matter what time I show up at, definitely a good sign! (I also think the fact I totally forgot to snap the outside is a pretty good indication of how excited I was…)

And just look how cute the bags are!
It was around lunch so I decided I absolutely had to have one of their amazing sausage rolls – this time I went for the BBQ chicken. I brought it home, heated it up and it was sooooo good! The addition of sesame seeds on top totally just brought something extra to it, but the filling itself was totally delish anyway! The pastry was nicely done, crisp and completely flavourful. The whole thing was very tasty indeed and I scoffed it as quickly as I could without burning myself!


(Gratuitous pastry shots…)
Naturally I couldn’t let myself leave without buying some sort of sweet baked good as well, so I went for the famed Raspberry Crumble. OH. MA. GAWD. I’ve had them in the past but I honestly just can’t get over how good they are! The raspberry filling is perfection, the biscuity base is yummy and the crumbly top just makes it! The whole thing manages to still feel quite light and delicate as well, even though there is some serious cakeage there.



I also love any of their volcano cakes, in particular the mango and passion fruit one (which I *think* is vegan and gluten free!) because the icing is the FRESHEST and ZINGIEST thing ever, honestly I can’t explain how good it is. I’ve yet to try their chocolate and nut brownies but rest assured I’ll have to go back to rectify this 😛

If you’re in the area then – GO!!

Sooooo much still to come in Pastry Pursuit, already got another cake date lined up and plenty more to be arranged as well!!! Still looking for submissions on the off-chance I’ll actually manage to run out of places to go, so remember and let me know if you have any suggestions 😊

Til next time,

D x


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