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February Faves!


I’ve been wanting to do a Favourites post for a wee while, inspired first of all by the hilarious Grace Helbig off of that there YouTube (canyaseeit?) and various other videos/blogs I’ve seen. The problem was, I wasn’t sure if I actually had enough things to create a post from – but once I had a think about it this month, I realised I did! So without further ado, here are a few of the things I’ve been loving during February…

Katy Perry (and a bit about Sia!)


Now of course, my love for Ms Perry is nothing new as she’s been top of my “People I wish were my BFF” list for quite some time. However, she’s been making quite the resurgence recently with the release of Rise last year and Chained To The Rhythm feat. Skip Marley (Bob Marley’s grandson!) at the beginning of the month.

Both of these tunes (and they are *choons*) have pretty powerful messages behind them, Chained To The Rhythm in particular. If you don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics, it just seems like a dancy, feel-good, hairbrush-singing type tune – which, musically, it is. But listen closely and you’ll actually realise that Katy is actually saying we need to stop shutting ourselves off from what’s going on in the world and become more aware of the atrocities happening on a daily basis.

I was interested as to whether Katy actually wrote it and it turns out she did (as she does with most of her stuff!) with a bit of help from some other peeps including Skip Marley himself, and SIA. In case you’re not aware, Sia is basically *the best* at songwriting and has written for lots and lots and lots of other people including Rihanna (Diamonds among many others) Adele and even Queen Bey. In fact, she’s written so many complete belters that her most recent album, This Is Acting, is mostly comprised of songs she wrote for other people, but which got rejected.
(Side note: Sia also does quite a lot to combat animal cruelty e.g. with the Beagle Freedom Project, so she is definitely one of my favourite humans!)

Add all of the above to the fact that there are now KATY PERRY SHOES – I love The Jessica and The Stella in particular, but you’ll note that many of them are named after some great ladies – and it’s fair to say that my gal Katy has definitely been killing it this month!

NYX Cosmetics

This is also nothing new as such, but I keep discovering products from NYX that I absolutely love, particularly since they’re so reasonably priced but absolutely do the job!
The product I’m seriously digging this month is the HD Finishing Powder in Mint Green – yes, GREEN!


For those of you in the know about beauty products and stuff, this won’t be anything particularly special, but bear in mind this is me we’re talking about. As someone with a fairly permanently red face (I have quite a pinky hue in general, but I also blush a lot – and not just through embarrassment!) going for this green-tinted powder instead of my usual translucent choice has honestly made such a difference! It tones down the overall redness of my face and also stops me being shiny as well, of course, plus it doesn’t make me look cakey/dry as long as I’ve been doing the ol’ exfoliating!

Next on my NYX list (I have a lot of lists) is definitely their GLITTER. As well as Lid Lingerie, cause I swatched some of them when I was picking up my face powder and they were so magical! It’ll be cool to put other eyeshadows over them and see what effects I can create!

Maria GentleWhispering ASMR

I spoke about Maria briefly before in my post about stress, as I’d pretty much just started checking out ASMR at that point but she was already my favourite, mostly because she doesn’t creep me out, but also because she comes across as such a genuine, lovely person!

Recently though, I’ve been watching one of Maria’s videos most nights – minus the nights where I’m sooo tired I zonk straight out. The spa video remains my all time fave, but she also uploaded an Aromatherapy video not too long ago which is really relaxing! (Obviously you have to use your imagination a wee bit for this one, but Maria’s pretty good at describing all the lovely things the different oils smell like.)


I was first introduced to Qwertee a few years ago and I’ve given them quite a lot of my money since then, as their tees are pretty awesome. They make it onto this post this month though, as they gave me a nice voucher for buy one get one free! I treated myself to this spin on Le Chat Noir poster featuring Toothless the Dragon, as well as Kitten Sushi (yass) so I’m looking forward to them arriving.

I also really want this beaut (it’s SO ME) but they don’t have my size in at the moment 😦 – so I’ll be keeping an eye out for it hopefully being back in stock.


So there you go! I’d love to make this a fairly regular feature if I can, so stay tuned for next month’s (hopefully haha) edition of my Faves 🙂

What have you been loving recently? Let me know!

Til next time,

D x


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