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The Oven at Overton Farm, Crossford (Pastry Pursuit)


This edition of Pastry Pursuit takes us slightly out of actual Glasgow, to the very lovely Clyde Valley and The Oven at Overton Farm in Crossford. I was lucky enough to be joined on this particular cake date by the magical Sarah – she was the one who first mentioned Overton Farm to me, having been a fan of it for some time.

It’s a mere 20-minute drive from my house and whenever I head to the Clyde Valley (my Aunty and Uncle live there so we go and see them sometimes) for some reason I’m always blown away by how massively different it is to the city centre/suburbs. As much as I am absolutely a city girl at heart, it’s quite nice to get out into the open, rolling fields and all that greenery!

The Oven is absolutely adorable and makes for a cosy but quite an airy space. We managed to grab some comfy couches as we knew this would also be quite the natter session! (Side note: Sarah works for Refuweegee with her sis Selina, and they are well worth checking out as they do a lot of excellent stuff to welcome those arriving in Glasgow!)

Perusing the cake selection, I was immediately drawn to the option of having 3 mini cakes instead of one big slice of cake (more about them later) but Sarah also recommended their scones, which were just about ready. Obviously for research purposes I had to try one and so opted for a mahoosive fruit scone, but I think I’d like to go back for a cheese scone at some point because Sarah’s looked excellent!

And now, on to the mini cakes! I opted for a slice of tiffin, a coconut roll thing and what I think was called a Honeymoon cake – which was like a caramel shortcake but with coconut in the base! The latter was definitely my favourite but they were all great and obviously very sweet so right up my alley. I paired these with a lovely cappuccino, though really I should know better than to go for a large coffee – I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine so I had quite the buzz on after that paired with all the sugar! (If I remember rightly, Sarah’s cakes – on the right – were a ginger fudge cake, a Malteser cake and a date slice.)

I had a look at the food menu while I was there and I definitely fancy going back for breakfast at some point. I think the parents would probably love it as well so I might try and arrange a return trip with them 😀

I’m on a roll with Pastry Pursuit now having had quite a few more cake dates and more planned, so I have lots to tell you about. I’m really enjoying doing this just now, least of all because it’s a fab excuse to eat cake and meet up with some of my very favourite peeps!

Til next time,

D x


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