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Pretend Adulting

(Can you tell I pure love Canva…?)


As you may or may not know, I currently still live at home with my parents and younger brother – this is for a number or reasons, but mostly because money. It’s great and I count myself very lucky a) to be able to live with my parents so I can save up a deposit for a flat, b) to have parents as brilliant as they are, whom I get on with very well and c) to live in a nice house, with many benefits including a particularly excellent shower the likes of which I will probably never be able to afford myself. (It’s the little things…!)

Said parentals were on holiday this week (Fuerteventura, ooh!) leaving myself and my sibling to “fend for ourselves”. They left us money for food, obviously we didn’t have to worry about any bills etc. and there weren’t really any major adulting tasks for us to do. Hence: Pretend Adulting.


Since I’m hopefully close-ish to moving out (“ish” meaning next year at the very latest!) …dependent on continuing to save and also getting made full-time at work…) I’ve been testing myself to see if I could really make it as a fully-fledged, responsible adult. I did live on my own during my year abroad in Lille for Uni, but I don’t really count that as fully being responsible for everything since I lived in halls – although I would like to think that my own kitchen/bathroom setups would be nicer than what I had to share living in France. (Ew.)

And I’d like to think that I’d do ok! I’m pretty good with money when I try, particularly if I set a budget for myself like I’m doing at the moment – to save as much as I can without making myself miserable. There have been a few signs over the past few years that have made me realise I am actually an adult, although I know that a fair few of my “actual adult” friends still don’t always feel like real grown-ups!

I’m also not bad at meal planning, since I absolutely hate food waste and can usually come up with something to use up any random ingredients kicking about. (A necessity when you are a poor jobless student in France, living off only your savings from your Saturday job of the past 4 years…)

The biggest thing this week though, was that…I cleaned the fridge. Voluntarily. And sort of enjoyed it.


Now – this is obviously in no way a reflection on Mother Debs, as it wasn’t particularly dirty (and there’s usually a lot more food in there, so more difficult to get at for cleaning) but it was annoying me a bit. Plus I thought it would be nice for my Mum and Dad to come back to a nice clean fridge with nothing gross inside, cause I’m lovely like that. But it’s definitely an undeniable sign that I’m an adult now.

I’m also considering a proper go at sorting my room tomorrow, as I definitely still have far too much crap that I don’t need or even really want, plus when I imagine packing it all up to actually move out the thought terrifies me. FUN TIMES, WOO.

I guess this post is mostly just a ramble of me trying to convince myself that I won’t live solely on Super Noodles when I move out (while my future cats get the most expensive tuna…) and that I’ll be able to handle all the responsibility. As well as obviously still being a fun person – liking silly stuff, playing computer games, going to see animated films, wearing plastic jewellery (someone actually said to one of my friends that she was “too old” for that, ugh!) and other stuff that you’re meant to give up when you’re a “real” grown-up.
But I really do think I’ll be ok 🙂

What was the moment/were the moments you realised you are a proper adult? Or are you still waiting for that to happen…?

Til next time,

D x



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