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Butterscotch Bakery, Hyndland (Pastry Pursuit)


Here we go again for another dive into the wonderful world of Pastry Pursuit – this time it’s The Butterscotch Bakery in Hyndland! Having been recommended to me by the fabby Fiona of Coffee and Confetti, we popped along a wee while back (around V-Day as you can probably tell from the pics below) and I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last visit.

It’s a really cute establishment, really welcoming when you step in and gorgeously decorated! Definitely my kind of place, particularly with the amazing array of cakes and baked goods I was presented with at the counter:

Once I decided I wanted a slice of cake, it was still really difficult to choose which one I was gonna go for! I ended up having a slice of butterscotch sponge since I felt it would be rude not to, while Fiona went for the red velvet. I might just have to have that next time, as she really rates it and I trust her opinion wholeheartedly 🙂


The butterscotch sponge was delicious, the sponge itself was fluffy and the butterscotch filling/icing weren’t overly sweet – the portion size was Debs-adequate as well 😛 I paired this, as (almost) always, with a cappuccino which I was delighted to see arrived with the cutest wee butterfly biscuit! It was also really good, totally melt-in-the-mouth.


We had an excellent natter (topics included Gilmore Girls as we realised we hadn’t actually discussed the new eps yet, for shame!) and I found the environment in Butterscotch Bakery to be really relaxed. The staff were super lovely and even put up with my total indecision at the counter!!

I’d definitely love to come back and I highly recommend it if you’re anywhere near the West End!

Til next time,

D x

(I’ll leave you with a few photos of the cake displays inside, the window in particular was pretty spectacular…!)



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