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Tantrum Doughnuts, Yorkhill (Pastry Pursuit)


Pastry Pursuit continues – this week it’s the turn of my absolute new best friends, Tantrum Doughnuts! I will be completely honest with you all and start out by saying that when Tantrum had their pop-up at Gesso a while back (must have been 2015? …wow!) I wasn’t overly impressed. I picked up a PB&J doughnut and what should have been a beautiful creation that included a teeny pipette of Tia Maria to be squirted into the doughnut (I mean, genius or what??) but I felt they were overly doughy – yes, you can have doughnuts that are too doughy 😛 – and I was sooooooo disappointed, as I really loved their flavour combos and the idea of what they were trying to achieve.

Once Tantrum were in their own premises, however, I heard nothing but extremely good things about them! I’m always up for giving any business a second chance (selfless, I know) and lots of the people raving about Tantrum were peeps whose opinion I value, so when my lovely pal Kathryn suggested going after our trip to Kelvingrove, I agreed purely for research purposes, obviously. And woooow am I glad I have my giving-places-a-second-chance rule! (And I can only hope that Tantrum will forgive me…)

Tantrum Branding.png

This time around, Tantrum Doughnuts was everything I had hoped it would be – and so much more! I love their style for starters (*marketing geek klaxon*, check out their wall artwork and my wee pal above) and the beautiful selection of doughnuts laid out at the counter actually had my mouth hanging open and almost unable to choose! There were also a lot more left than I had expected since we got there around 3.30pm (in bakery terms this is usually horrendously late) but I definitely intend to visit earlier in the day next time, just in case.

Tantrum Mosaic

I ended up picking the honey-glazed brioche ring doughnut with BUTTERED ALMONDS. Buttered. Almonds. Oh hello! I meeeeaaan, just look at it:


(Photo left full size for all its delicious glory.)

Actually not even kidding, I’m drooling writing this while looking at that photo. Mmmm. After a quick scout on their social media, I also found out that the yummy crispy bits round the side were not cornflakes as I’d thought previously (oops) but feuilletine! These are (according to Google) crushed up bits of very thin, praline-flavoured crêpes, but they’re crunchy and quite wafery – very, very light and such a nice addition to this particular doughnut.

Kathryn opted for the pistachio and hibiscus (yes, really!) creation and thought it was so good, she got another one to take away and no doubt demolish when she got home 😛

THEN, to top it all off, they were serving hot, tasty Butterbeer when I was there! (*Squees forever*) I always pictured Butterbeer being hot for some reason, not cold like they have it at HP Studio in London and the theme park in Florida, and this is probably about as close as I’ve got to the “real” thing – so far at least! I was told it was a mixture of malt and butterscotch, so if you’re into that kind of thing then I highly recommend it. Below is my wee sugar-coma-inducing combo, sheer perfection! (Also in my excitement, I only noticed the individually-torched, beautiful marshmallows on the way out – definitely getting one of them on a hot chocolate next time!!!)

In case you haven’t guessed already, this visit to Tantrum was SUCH an improvement on what I’d sampled from them before. It’s been suggested that the trick is to eat them completely fresh, as the amount they had with them at Gesso before would have been too much to make that morning – so they must have been made in advance and obviously don’t keep for long. This is always a positive in my book, as you know they’ve been made properly without any nasty preservatives!

There were so many wonderful options when I was there that I’m absolutely desperate to go back – what should I try next??

I also now definitely see what all the fuss was about!! And I can tell you that they’re absolutely deserving of the hype 🙂 Favourite ever doughnuts? …possibly!

Til next time,

D x


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