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Volunteering, Antibiotics, Amore and Love! 

Roundup 19-3

(Pun fully intended.)


I don’t have anything in particular to write about this week, so I thought I’d just talk about a few things that have been happening over the past wee while.

I’ve recently (very recently!) started volunteering for Refuweegee, a fantastic organisation that helps refugees coming to Glasgow with Welcome Packs containing various items to help them off to a good start. These include “Letters Fae The Locals” – letters/cards with a few kind words from people who already live here. It’s always really lovely to see what people have written (obviously Refuweegee check them all before people receive them, you can never be too careful…!) and many are even written by people who aren’t originally from here either, but can assure our new arrivals that they’ll be more than welcome here and  that they’ll have a happy life here.

I’ve only helped them out a couple of times, but I’ve really enjoyed it so far, plus everyone there has been really nice (as you would probably imagine!) and I hope I’ll be able to help them out more in future, as it’s so great to think that my efforts are helping to make someone’s new life here even a tiny bit easier.
We went to the Garnethill Multicultural Centre to give people the opportunity to pick supplies up – there are a group of women there who make free lunch every week! I’m told they just get given various donations of ingredients and whip up magical feasts to feed tons of people – Friday’s offering was cullen skink, plus garlic bread with smoked salmon and creme fraiche. They were more than happy for us to tuck in as well, so not gonna lie that was pretty great too 😛

Unfortunately though, I had to cut my volunteering slightly short on Friday as I made an emergency dentist appointment. I got root treatment back in September as I had an abscess that made half of my face swell up (lovely!) and it seems like the infection has started to rear its ugly head again as I was in a fair bit of pain last week 😦 My dentist took a look at it and knew something definitely wasn’t right, so put me on some lovely antibiotics for 5 days.


Obviously it’s never great getting put on antibiotics, but on the plus side it’s the only time I get to flaunt my penicillin allergy (I had a horrible rash when I was like 2 so I don’t get given it now) as the rest of the time it’s not a big deal. So I guess there’s that 😛
Alcohol isn’t entirely a no-go with the particular ones I’m on (Erythromycin) but I did read that it can affect how well the antibiotics work, so I’m steering clear of it just in case! I’d rather skip booze for a bit than need further tooth surgery any day!!

Thankfully the medicine seems to have already started working as my tooth has stopped throbbing and the area generally doesn’t feel as sore/tender, so I was able to enjoy a cheeky wee trip to Amore with Mr Debs’ family on Friday. Amore is definitely one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Glasgow, which is no mean feat as we have a fair few here!! I had the lasagne because I’ve had it a couple of times before so I know it’s a total winner – decent portion size (not too big!) and extremely tasty. Having lasagne at a restaurant isn’t something I tend to do, as my Mum’s is the best around, with second place going to my Aunty – both lasagnes are famed in my family! However, this one really is very good – although next time I think I’ll try something different. I also didn’t manage to get a photo as I was too busy stuffing my face, standard 😛

Love Netflix

Finally, Love is back!! I absolutely devoured Season 1 last year as I’m a fan of Gillian Jacobs and ended up really enjoying it, so I was dying for Season 2 – I’ve been watching it any time I’ve had the chance since it popped up last week. It’s the perfect mixture of funny, sweet and crazy – kind of like love itself I guess you could say 😛

There you have it – this weekend’s been a bit of a restorative one as I had a totally nuts week in work, so my brain’s a bit too fried to write about anything more serious than this right now. (Don’t worry though, Pastry Pursuit fans, I did manage to squeeze in *quite* the cake date too, as some of you may have seen…!)

Til next time,

D x


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