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Thoughts on Mothers’ Day

Thoughts On Mothers' Day

(I always say Mothers’ Day because it’s for all of the mothers, but I will also accept Mother’s Day…)

Today is Mothers’ Day and while obviously those of us lucky to have mothers who are still with us should appreciate them every day and not just one day a year, plus I know some people just write it off as a way for card companies to make money (which it kind-of is) I see no harm in celebrating what it means to be a mum – be it biological, adopted, step or otherwise!

I also think that there must be mums out there who sadly aren’t given the gratitude they deserve on other days, so if this is the one time a year they actually get flowers or whatever, I’m all for that.

However, I know this is a day that isn’t easy for a lot of people, whether it’s because they don’t have a particularly great relationship with their own mother, their mum is no longer here or maybe they long to be one themselves but unfortunately that hasn’t happened for them – or for any other reasons.

My own Mum for example must find today pretty bittersweet. My Dad, brother and myself make a fuss of her and see if there’s anything special she’d like to do, plus of course making sure she’s relieved of any cooking for the day. (This probably sounds terrible that we don’t do it other days – we do – it’s just that her food is SO GOOD.) But equally we lost my lovely Gran almost 5 years ago and I know my Mum in particular still misses her terribly.

We were lucky to get a scorcher of a day today, so after enjoying lunch outside(!!!) including a wee glass or two of Cava, I headed over to my Granny’s with my parents.

Joining us were some of my cousins (my Granny lives with my Aunty/their mum) as well as my cousin and his wife’s wee boys, which was lovely. So we had a great time running about outside and playing with my cousin’s dog 😊 (with all-day SPF20 on, natch).


It wouldn’t be right to end this post without some sort of soppy tribute to my Mum. I’m incredibly lucky to have a mum like her and I’m really grateful for that every day 🙂

In summary, a happy Mothers’ Day to you all and if it isn’t such a happy day for you, no matter the reason, know that you’ve been in my thoughts today 💜

Til next time,

D x


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