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Sonny and Vito, Kelvinbridge (Pastry Pursuit)


I must apologise for the lateness of this week’s Pastry Pursuit. I did have it mostly scheduled last week before Wednesday as planned, but things took a seriously nuts turn and I was sooooo busy! I’d never want to give you guys a half-arsed post, so you can rest assured that this one has been crafted with my entire heart and soul put into it. Or something. Probably.

Sonny and Vito’s has been on my radar for some time now and so Pastry Pursuit, as ever, provided me with a perfect opportunity to pay them a visit. The gorgeous and ever-helpful Glasgow Food Geek was kind enough to accompany me yet again on this visit – it’s so appreciated cause I know having to go and eat cake is like her worst nightmare 😛

A running theme in all of these posts, the counter I was faced with upon trying to go and choose a cake made my decision *very* difficult! Take a look if you need proof:

Sonny and Vito collage

I ended up going for the chocolate brownie cake, having been assured that it was excellent – and I don’t disagree! It was very rich and I have to admit, there was a point where I was worried I might not finish it – but don’t worry, of course I did. (I know you were worried, I could see it on your face there…!)


This was paired with one of my all-time favourite beverages – pink lemonade! This clearly wasn’t just any pink lemonade either, it came in a gorgeous bottle and looked uber fancy, plus it was French (the “Queen of Lemonades”, no less!) so it’s fair to say I was a fan before I’d even had any. It was really refreshing and definitely a good’un if you like pink lemonade – I also highly recommend the raspberry rose lemonade from Mono if you’re into that kind of thing, it’s delicious!


Sonny and Vito’s is a deli and so is stocked with not only lovely Italian goodies (including what I’m assured is excellent but pricy pasta) but other treats including a selection of different M&Ms! They also have various savoury offerings which I’m definitely keen to go back and try next time – I’d been for lunch with Mother Debs the day I visited, so I’ll definitely make sure and leave room in future.


Til next time,

D x


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