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April Fool!


I love a good April Fool. Not entirely when it’s happening to me, mind, but I enjoy jokey headlines and ad campaigns, as some brands get pretty creative with April Fool’s Day! (Yes I’m a saddo, I am well aware, thank yuh!)

When I was younger, each year Father Debs took great delight in telling me either that:

a) It was snowing – which, given the weird weather we’ve had recently could’ve actually happened yesterday!


b) My favourite pop group had split up. The year he chose Hear’Say I was DISTRAUGHT, let me tell you. (I’m sure the year he mockingly said Busted it had actually just happened and I wasn’t over it yet, so that went well for him 😛)

(This was my favourite song for ages when I was like 10 – cringe!!!)

My favourite thing that has happened this week is this amazing vid by an American 4th Grade teacher, where he pranked his pupils with a ridiculous, made-up spelling test. The words/sentences using them he makes up (except Ro-Laska-Tox, that’s OBVIOUSLY a real word!) are so funny by themselves, but it’s the sound of the kids’ reactions in the background that really makes it for me. If that had happened to me when I was 9/10 (that’s 4th grade, right?) I probably would have straight-up burst into tears if I got them wrong, as school was something I took *very* seriously when I was that age!

The video was originally posted by Mr D to his Facebook, but for sharing purposes I found it on YouTube:

Other April Fool’s activities I have enjoyed:

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme April Fool

I’ll admit, this one had me for a moment. Krispy Kreme announced they were re-branding in the UK to Krispy Cream because people over here keep pronouncing it “crème” – and I was confused. While I was on-board with telling people how it’s actually pronounced, I was like “Why would they do that now? They’ve been here for years!”

Had I watched the accompanying video, however, it would’ve been pretty obvious that it was an April Fool’s prank. Oops!!

Good for them on still getting their point across, though!

Superdrug and New Look

I usually get emails from various brands popping into my inbox on April Fool’s Day or just before – Superdrug and New Look made me chuckle this year! Superdrug went with the monobrow being in fashion:

Superdrug April Fool

While New Look claimed to have an edible pizza float for the pool! Which is actually a really good idea, because they are actually selling a pizza pool float and I’m sure people will want one anyway after seeing that, so kudos to them!

New Look April Fool

I was also looking forward to an email from Ed’s Easy Diner because they usually come up with some good stuff, but it never happened this year! Here’s last year’s hands-free milkshake holder:

A special mention also goes to Arena Flowers, who did this:

Hope you got a bit of a laugh out of that! I sure did 🙂

Til next time,

D x


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