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RuPaul’s Drag Race is BACK, y’all!


Anyone who knows me in real life will absolutely know how much I love Drag Race, having devoured Seasons 2-7 fairly quickly (I couldn’t deal with the soft focus of Season 1 and then it, unsurprisingly, got pulled from Netflix before I managed to finish it).

I could ramble for a *very* long time on why exactly it is I love Drag Race, but I think that will need to be a separate post in itself, because it’s so much more than just the fabulousness, the sparkles and the sequins. Honest!

*This post will be relatively spoiler-free because I know how annoying that is!*

I hadn’t seen Season 8, as it was unavailable on Netflix until a few weeks ago when – much to my extreme excitement – they announced that Season 9 would be available on a weekly basis, the day after it screens in the US! Naturally I whizzed through Season 8 so I could be totally caught up with Drag Race for the first time evaaaaar, and I loved it I have to say! I had 2 out of the Top 3 pegged right from the start (the other was a bit of a late bloomer but she really impressed me overall) and my other 2 faves made it pretty far through the competition as well (4th and 6th, for those of you who know who they are!) so I was really pleased 🙂

I’m definitely enjoying Season 9 so far – I’m loving the diversity of the queens they have this season, the standard seems to generally be pretty high too which is awesome, it’s so great to see what creative ideas they conjure up! (And also GAGA! *squeals*)


One thing I’m definitely not loving this season, though, is the range of dumb excuses people are still coming up with! By Season 9, I would expect any drag queen to fully understand what’s going to be expected of them and to be prepared as such. Something that’s been bugging me for a few seasons is the “I can’t sew” excuse.
Now, gurl, I can’t sew to save my actual life, but you can bet if I was ever going to do something that required me to be at least a bit good at making clothes, I would take a flipping class or ten before I started! And it would seem that I’m not the only one who’s getting a bit fed up with excuses:

(p.s. Love you Detox!)

Raven and Raja from Seasons 2 and 3, respectively, are doing their Fashion Photo Ruview weekly for Season 9 (they might have also done this previously, but this is the first time I’ve been watching a current season, yay!) and I’m loving that as well. They’re two of my very faves – I have a full list of my rankings on my phone, not even kidding, so there may be a post in future about that – so I suppose that makes me a tad biased, but I love how they can spot details about outfits I wouldn’t even think about. Here’s a fun one with the lovely and hilarious Ms Bianca Del Rio (whom I saw in February and I’m seeing AGAIN in September, woohoo!)

Raja and Delta Work, who stood in for Raven for an ep, seemed to get a bit of flack for a Ruview of the queens’ looks for the Season 9 Premiere. I’m not entirely sure what actually went on, but I think some people objected to their opinion of an outfit they weren’t too keen on. Now, I don’t really know which one it was – but I have to say, SERIOUSLY? Nothing they said about any of the outfits was horrible, in fact I think given the rep drag queens get for reading each other…they were actually pretty fair with what they said. And as Raven pointed out later on in a live vid she did on her FB page – honey you’re on Drag Race, you need to know that people will say *far worse* things about you than they don’t like what you’re wearing!

Anyway, I’m seriously looking forward to seeing what else this season has to offer! Definitely loving Nina Bo’nina Brown, Valentina and Peppermint. Trinity is starting to win me over a bit (I originally thought she was a bit of a bitch, I’ll admit!) and I’m also rooting for Charlie Hides – I’m seeing her in October and I mean she’s FIFTY-TWO! Brill.

Who’s your favourite so far or do you have a few??

Til next time,

D x


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