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A bit of R&R…!


Apologies for being a bit absent of late, I’ve was off work on holiday for a couple of weeks and took a bit of time to chill out a bit. My job can be pretty full-on (pretty much all the time) so it’s good to give my wee noggin a break every once in a while. Mr Debs was off college as well – not that he knew that til I told him, haha – so it seemed like the perfect time! *Warning that this is another lengthy ramble, Debs-style!*

Treat Yo’ Self

I started off by doing something I haven’t done in a *very* long time – getting my nails done! I went to the fabulous BW Beauty for a Shellac manicure and it was so very lovely. Becca is the absolute sweetest and it was great having a chat with her while she did my amazing glittery purple nails, not to mention the hand and arm scrub/massage you get as part of the manicure! I think you’ll all agree that my nails were brill:


Auld Reekie

We also took a trip through to Edinburgh as Mr Debs’ sister is working through there at the moment. We headed into Coda Music which is always dangerous, since they always have lots of lovely vinyl/CDs I would desperately love to own, including a number of White Stripes/Jack White singles, plus lots of offerings from Third Man Records. On a previous visit, I picked up a Jack White/Muppets recording of You Are the Sunshine of My Life – which is as magical as you can imagine!

Jack White Muppets
(If this doesn’t fill your heart with joy, what is wrong with you??)

Craving some delicious BBQ food, the three of us headed to Bubba Q, a spot on the Royal Mile, and it was seriously great! The décor reminded us of my dearly departed (although still somewhat in existence as Street Food Putter ClubBurger Meats Bun; and the food was actually so good. Mr Debs and I split a Lonestar Special sandwich – filled with brisket, onion strings and BBQ sauce, as well as some of the sweet sticky BBQ wings which were without a doubt some of the best wings I’ve ever had! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics as I stuffed my face with all of it, oops. I’m sure I’ll be back at some point though, whether it’s my own idea or because Mr Debs drags me, he really loved it too.



We had a mini-break away to the Gleddoch hotel & spa in Langbank after getting a pretty sweet deal through It was actually the bf’s idea to go to a spa (wuuuut?! Ikr?) since he quite fancied getting a massage, as he sometimes has trouble with his back. It’s a lovely hotel – I think it got done up at the end of last year? – so it’s pretty swanky inside. It also has a golf course, but that doesn’t interest either of us!

We also took the opportunity to order room service for the first time ever, which both of us were far too excited about 😂

Sadly the phone in our room was broken which resulted in me having to put non-PJ clothing back on (boooo!) and traipsing up to reception to order our steaks, but it was totally worth it:

(You can only imagine the noises of sheer delight we made when this arrived…!)

Another night, we got a bit dressed up and had dinner in the actual restaurant – The Vista. It’s just as well Mr Debs ordered the steak that time too, because I didn’t get a picture of our room service steaks. (Again, too much hunger/greed, too quick to stuff it in my face – a recurring theme I think you’ll see on this blog…!)

The food overall was great – I went for a braised shin of beef which came with mushroom purée, bacon bits, kale and probably some other stuff that I can’t remember! It was delish and this was a standout for me along with my steak the following night. I did feel a bit let down by dessert, however as it was a bit bland (and teeny!) which was orange parfait with chocolate mousse and orange purée. The parfait was a bit overly frozen, i.e. solid, and the orange purée was so sharp I couldn’t finish it, but besides that it was a nice end to the meal. Perhaps I just have ridiculously high standards when it comes to dessert 😛

Gleddoch Food collage

We decided to get some Prosecco to have with our dinner as we were feeling super-fancy, which was lovely – they also get bonus points for providing different types of bread (and an adequate amount of butter, hurrah!) while we were deciding on our meal.

(Me pretending I’m fancy…!)


BONUS super-special mention while we’re on the subject of food, for Cafe Renard in Largs. (Did I choose it because renard is French for fox? EH, OBVIOUSLY.) We took a trip through there one of the days we were away and they provided me with one of the most wonderful pancakes and bacon offerings I’ve ever had! Fluffy pancakes and delicious, crisp-enough bacon, bravo! *applauds*



Relaxation Time!

I like to think we made good use of the Gleddoch’s spa facilities while we were away – the hotel boasts a sizeable pool, two hot tubs (indoor and outdoor, though we stuck with the indoor one as it was pretty cold outside!) a sauna and a steam room. The bf had never tried a sauna or a steam room and to his credit, he did have a go but found the heat in both of them a bit overwhelming.

I loooooove a sauna so I was only to happy to relax for as long as I could manage – I find it cleansing not only for my pores but it also helps me feel better generally, as dumb as that might sound. I found the steam room to be really nice as well – sometimes there’s just too much steam for me to deal with and I feel like I need to get out – but this one was perfect, with a hint of menthol in the steam as well which was ideal. They also had these amazing heated lounge chair thingies which I wish I’d got a photo of. Soooo good. I’m fairly sure that “heated lounge chair thingies” probably isn’t what they’re called, but you get the idea 😛

We booked in for a couples back, neck and shoulder massage which was excellent – Mr Debs felt a bit awkward because he’d never had a massage before, which is why we went together, but he totally loved it! In fact, he nearly fell asleep in the wee relaxation room afterwards and I had to convince him to get up so we could go to the pool, etc.!

All in all, definitely recommend the Gleddoch if you’re in need of a getaway! The staff were beyond lovely the whole time as well 🙂


Bottomless Brunch at McPhabbs

Making the most of my time before I had to return to work, I went for brunch at McPhabbs with Briony of The Glasgow Food Company, Sarah who blogs as Boobellina and the aforementioned Becca of BW Beauty. For Easter weekend, they were running a “bottomless brunch” – order three dishes at a time, once you finish them you get to order more within 2 hours. You can also order bottomless coffee, so needless to say I was definitely sold on the whole idea.

The dishes themselves are in small plates form, which is an excellent idea because I definitely wouldn’t have managed as many if they were full size. Everything was great, I went for: salt beef Eggs Benedict, banana bread French toast (a revelation!) and the chicken and waffle, but minus Sriracha because I can’t do spice blah blah blah, y’all know this already I’m sure! Following that, I decided on the toast with smoked salt butter (yum!) and the ciabatta roll with Gruyere cheese and a fried egg – I really did try and eat my whole egg but ended up just eating the yolk as per, I am a pure weirdo and it’s rare that I eat a whole fried egg. Sue me 😛 I thought I was totally full after that but couldn’t resist the toast with their own hazelnut-chocolate spread, which was absolutely brilliant and something I can’t stop thinking about!

McPhabbs Brunch.png

A special mention goes to the lovely Pammi aka Glasgow Food Geek who was good enough to arrange the whole thing and then sadly couldn’t make it, as well as Michelle of Ananyah who was ill and couldn’t make it either 😦

Rest assured though, plans are in place to return when they bring it back next weekend – yass! 😀 There will no doubt be in-depth reporting on my Twitter feed when I go back, so make sure and look out for that haha. Also here’s a fancy Insta pic of my food, because I’m chuffed with it and looking at it makes me hungry, so why should I be the only one to suffer? 😛


I will, of course, be reinstating Pastry Pursuit as I have at least 4 things I still need to write up. However, I think I’ll be posting about it every 2 weeks as it was getting a bit mad making myself go for cake every week (the epitome of first world problems hahaha) and having to write up a new post every week. It’s worth reminding myself that I started this blog for me and nobody else, so I shouldn’t be pressuring myself to write when I a) don’t have time to do it properly and/or b) don’t really feel like it! But I am feeling totally refreshed after my break, although I will admit going back to work was a total shocker last week!

Til next time,

D x



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