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Daizy Delicious and BONUS Taste Buchanan! (Pastry Pursuit)


Pastry Pursuit is BACK, y’all! Woohoo!

This post is definitely overdue and so it’s a bit of a two-in-one, but nothing like my other, rambly essays…probably. We’ll see how it goes 😛

If you don’t already know, the food court at Buchanan Galleries changed last year, bringing us a concept I’m definitely a fan of – Taste Buchanan! It’s now home to an amazing variety of food, thanks to a changing series of street food vendors. Each trader is at Taste Buchanan for a set amount of time, meaning that every so often there is a whole different set and lots of new things to try. I don’t understand why people would go to the Burger King next-door when the street food offerings are miles ahead in terms of the quality of their food and sheer deliciousness!

As someone who likes to eat all of the things, but can’t actually handle a huge amount of food at once, I was delighted when the first £10 Tasting Menu event was announced. It was a chance to try something from every single vendor currently at Taste Buchanan at the time (…March, oooops) for a mere £10. My good buddy Luther (Gentle Ghoul) also provided us with background music which was ace.

Completed, woohoo!

For the “real food” part of the evening, I picked:

  • Chips loaded with Buttermilk Fried Chicken, cheese and onion rings – Loaded Fries
    • Halloumi/beef were also options!
  • Pork soft shell tacos – Taco Mazama
    • Veggie was also an option
  • Veggie wontons and amazing prawn crackers (optional chilli sauce but natch I didn’t get that!) – Sunshine Kitchen (Sunshine Tea Lounge)
  • Tempura prawn slider with (optional) BACON – ShrimpWreck

Everything was excellent and I particularly enjoyed the prawn slider from ShrimpWreck out of the savoury options. Confession time, I got to have two of these because Mr Debs won’t eat prawns, so I let him have my tacos from Taco Mazama. Teamwork! (I can say that the tacos were great though because a) I’ve had them many a time before and b) Mr Debs thoroughly enjoyed them, he is a man who takes his tacos verrrrry seriously…!)

I’m definitely looking forward to future events so will be sure to keep an eye out! Sign up to the mailing list if you fancy doing the same, the next one is on the 15th of June! Also how good does current trader Hot Stuffed Bread Company look…???

Dessert came in the form of a Berto’s Brownie from the main feature of this Pastry Pursuit – Daizy Delicious. I had been eyeing up their offerings before I was anywhere close to having dessert, so I was pretty excited already.

Daizy Delicious 1

Unfortunately, Mr Debs couldn’t quite manage a brownie by this point, so I had to eat his as well. So terrible. I picked up a peanut butter brownie and a salted caramel brownie, gratuitous close-up shots below…

Daizy Delicious

Look at them. Mmmmmmm! Definitely two of the gooiest brownies I’ve ever had – there were rumblings among some of my dining companions that they were undercooked (you know who you are…!) but I absolutely disagree! Some brownies are meant to be firmer and some brownies are meant to be soft and deliciously gooey. Do I really need to reconfirm that they were the latter…? (LOOK AT THEM.)

I follow Daizy Delicious on Twitter and have been drooling over the pics of their other products, so I’m determined to get myself back there fairly soon! Their afternoon tea looks pretty darned good as well, and after a seriously disappointing experience last time I had an afternoon tea *coughCorinthiancough* I’m keen to rectify this 🙂

Have you been to Taste Buchanan yet? Who’s been your favourite trader so far??

Til next time,

D x


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