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Wee Jennys, Falkirk! (Pastry Pursuit)


We’re heading a bit out of Glasgow again for this edition of Pastry Pursuit, and getting tae Falkirk, as it were 😛

My good buddy Becky of In Becky’s Head told me about Tea Jennys (same people as Wee Jennys, we’ll get to that in a moment!) a wee while ago and I found myself obsessed with scrolling through the photos of their – quite frankly – amazing creations and ludicrously delicious-sounding flavour combinations.

Naturally we just had to set up a cake date and when better to go than straight after the gym? So that’s what we did.

Tea Jennys was, unsurprisingly, mobbed when we got there and so we headed to their other establishment Wee Jennys, which is further down the lane but offers basically the same things – including the all-important gigantic slices of cake! (Told you we’d get to that bit.)

We both agreed that we actually preferred the décor and layout of Wee Jennys, as Tea Jennys seemed a bit loud and crowded in comparison! Right from when we got in, the staff were incredibly lovely and friendly, totally up for a bit of silly chat as well!

Wee Jennys Decor

Perusing the menu, Becky noticed they do a “Dirty Chai Latte” and enquired as to what it was – when we were informed that it’s a chai tea latte with a shot of coffee, we were both sold! I wish someone had taken a video of our reaction when said lattes arrived, but I’m sure you can imagine our sheer delight at seeing them topped with GLITTER.


These were seriously good as well! Warming and comforting from the chai tea side of things, but with the caffeine kick that I so desperately needed by that point. It might sound a bit odd, but honestly it works!

As much as it was extremely tempting just to go straight for the cake, we decided we’d probably better have some “real” food to start given the aforementioned gym sesh and so I went for a tuna melt panino – a standard Debs choice! This was not only really good, but also pretty sizeable and I started to get a bit worried that I wouldn’t manage a bit of cake.


Of course, I *did* manage a bit of cake otherwise what would be the point of this post? They had a few glorious options on the day, including white chocolate and pistachio which Becky decided on, and a death-by-chocolate offering which I’ll no doubt be back for. I was also drooling over the humongous Empire Biscuits, meringues and intriguing-looking coconut slice.


However, it was the mango and raspberry cake which won my heart that day as it’s the kind of flavour combo I adore. (I blame Starbucks and their peach & raspberry muffin for starting that particular obsession.)

It was sooooo good! The sponge was spongey – that sounds a bit dumb but believe me I have had some fairly non-spongey sponges in my time! – moist enough while still managing to be fluffy enough and not too dense. The filling was really fresh-tasting, reminiscent of My Home Bakery‘s mango volcano cake (mmm!) in terms of how well the flavours came through and I mean just look at it! That’s turning into a bit of a catchphrase on here but most of the time, the photos do really speak for themselves:


Cake Collage

I didn’t manage to finish the cake, as even I struggle with 4 layers, but I did eat about half and got to take it home – I had it for breakfast the next day! (Winning.)

Needless to say I absolutely loved my visit and I really want to go back! I still occasionally have a look at the Tea Jennys Facebook page to see what they’ve come up with, which usually results in me gawping and going OMG for at least 5 minutes, so I’m hoping my return visit won’t be too far off!

You can read Becky’s overview of the experience here, this will also give you a better indication of when we went (March, jeeeeez) because she’s very efficient at this whole blogging malarkey and certainly a damn sight better than me, oops!

Til next time,

D x


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