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Big Bear Bakery (Pastry Pursuit)

WARNING: This post contains a *lot* of gushing.


I’m pretty sure Big Bear Bakery first came to my attention through Facebook and I was immediately struck by the sheer gorgeousness of their cakes. When I heard The Cran (formerly Finnieston House) were stocking some of their goodies, I knew I had to get my hands on them and so I popped round before getting my hair done one day.


(Cakes and bakes and bread, oh my!)

I picked up a couple of Empire Biscuits, a chocolate and walnut brownie (natch) and a coconut slice, but it was incredibly difficult to choose between everything!

Big Bear Cakes 1

I thoroughly enjoyed all of them! I brought them home to share with the family and despite my Dad’s protest that the Empire Biscuits weren’t “real” Empire Biscuits because the biscuit and icing on them weren’t thick enough for his liking, I thought they were divine! The biscuits were proper melt-in-your-mouth and I thought the jam was excellent. All three cakes were so good, the brownie was really rich and the coconut slice was incredibly moreish – I almost regretted sharing them! (…that’s a lie, I did regret sharing them.)

My second Big Bear encounter happened pretty much by accident! I was at The Glad Café for brunch with lovely Becky‘s Book Club, as it’s where the epic Something has been reincarnated. More on that in another post or this one will be way too long…! (TL;DR for that future post – OMG.)

I always know I’m in good company when people are keen to grab cake after an epic brunch and as this group is made up of former Yelpers, they were obviously up for it! There were lots of tasty-looking treats to choose from and I was drawn to the Cranachan sponge as it looked not only very pretty, but like it would be delicious as well.

I know basically every post on here I’m like “Omgggggg it was SO GOOD YAAAAS” – I just really love baked goods and there are plenty of excellent ones to be had in Glasgow, ok??? But let me be serious for a wee moment here and tell you that, without exaggeration, that sponge is *one of the best cakes I have ever had* EVER. Ev – er.


My brunching companions were alarmed by the faces/noises I made while I was scoffing this glorious creation, but I had to assure them that the serious look I had was because it was just so delicious! The sponge itself was beautifully light without being dry, the raspberry filling was just the right amount of tart and the oaty-honeyish icing was perfection! The whole thing was so good I genuinely almost cried with happiness – also not an exaggeration!

I’ve been pretty much stalking them on social media ever since then, drooling over their baked goods including *these beauties*:

(Pic stolen from Big Bear’s Facebook!)

So there you have it! GO. GO NOW.

Til next time,

D x


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