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“New” Music Wednesdays

Oh hello 🙂
Yes, it’s been a while again, I know!

Yet again, I’ve been pretty busy – socially for the most part (yay!) but I’ve also been back on it applying for jobs and stuff again, plus we GOT THE BAND BACK TOGETHER, Y’ALL and we’re really trying to have regular rehearsals.

On a musical note *pun Husky face* it was after reviewing my 2017 Wrapped stats from Spotify that I began to realise I should really listen to more things. While 2017 was the year I fully got into Janelle Monáe (why that never happened before, I don’t know, because she is AMAZING) I then listened to her so much that she was my top artist of 2017. I do tend to listen to things pretty much on repeat if I love them, without making myself sick of them of course, but this can also make me reluctant to listen to new things if I’m seeking comfort in tracks I know I’ll love.

Janelle, check. Sia, check. Sharon Needles? OBVIOUSLY.

Spotify also very helpfully put together my most listened to tracks for the year, which confirmed that I’d basically been listening to the same 5 playlists the entire time. Namely my playlist entitled Yass Kween which Spotify also made me for the most part, comprised of awesome ladies like Gaga, Anohni and Marina; and my Cheering Up Stuff playlist, which is my only excuse for some of the cheesier nonsense. (OK I LOVE IT.)

Don’t get me wrong, this playlist is soooo good (obviously I’m biased considering all of these tracks are what I spent most of last year listening to) but I don’t really feel like I developed my musical tastes at all or really took a chance on anything.

Check it out below:

At the moment I’m listening to my Stevie Nicks playlist which kind of proves the point of why I’m doing what I’m trying to do this year. My new plan is… *unnecessary drum roll cause it’s literally in the post title* – “New” Music Wednesdays!

I now have a driven commute on a Wednesday of about 40 minutes all in, which is about enough time to get through an album, so my plan is to try out an album that I’ve never listened to before – hence the “new” part, as it doesn’t have to be a new band or artist, and the band or artist don’t even have to be new to me, just the album itself.

I started my plan a couple of weeks ago with Maggot Brain by Funkadelic, having heard Hit It And Quit It in an episode of Atlanta and being pretty hooked. The album overall was…uh…interesting – a few definite belters on there and then a few more psychedelic tracks that made me go whaaaat, but that’s what this is all about! Can You Get To That is a great track as well and I really enjoyed Whole Lot of BS, partly because I can relate to that on a daily basis 😛

This week, I went for an album that has been on my To Listen list for a *lot* longer than I realised – Brilliant Sanity by Teleman. Teleman are by no means a new band for me, having seen them support Maximo Park back in 2014 (WHAT?!) when their debut album Breakfast came out. They were a support band who really made me sit up and take notice (as were another Maximo Park support, Beverly) and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to Breakfast since then. I realised they had a new album out and I was all “totes gonna listen to it” and then for some reason I totes didn’t.

I’m happy to report that Brilliant Sanity is, well, brilliant. I love that Teleman really have their own sound and aren’t just another run-of-the-mill indie band, and this sound has continued on this album. The absolute stand out for me is Düsseldorf because it’s JUST SO DAMN CATCHY.

I haven’t yet picked an album to listen to this week, but I might do a wee update in a couple of months to see how I’m getting on. I’d love to do a weekly album review, but we all know that absolutely ain’t happening. (Maybe I’ll do a monthly round-up…?) If you guys have suggestions of stuff I should be listening to, especially if it’s a wee bit out there, I would love to hear them!

Oh and there will be cake soon I’m sure 😀

Til next time,

D x

p.s. Not a New Music Wednesday, but I also listened to Colors (ick, spelling) by Beck and loved it! Thanks to my best bud Graeme for the recommendation ❤

p.p.s. If for some reason you’re under the impression that this post may be sponsored by Spotify, a) LOL I wish and b) yeah no it’s definitely not, I just genuinely get excited about musical stats.


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