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Sonny and Vito, Kelvinbridge (Pastry Pursuit)

Hiya, I must apologise for the lateness of this week’s Pastry Pursuit. I did have it mostly scheduled last week before Wednesday as planned, but things took a seriously nuts turn and I was sooooo busy! I’d never want to give you guys a half-arsed post, so you can rest assured that this one has…… Continue reading Sonny and Vito, Kelvinbridge (Pastry Pursuit)

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Volunteering, Antibiotics, Amore and Love! 

(Pun fully intended.) Hiya, I don’t have anything in particular to write about this week, so I thought I’d just talk about a few things that have been happening over the past wee while. I’ve recently (very recently!) started volunteering for Refuweegee, a fantastic organisation that helps refugees coming to Glasgow with Welcome Packs containing various…… Continue reading Volunteering, Antibiotics, Amore and Love! 

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Tantrum Doughnuts, Yorkhill (Pastry Pursuit)

Hiya, Pastry Pursuit continues – this week it’s the turn of my absolute new best friends, Tantrum Doughnuts! I will be completely honest with you all and start out by saying that when Tantrum had their pop-up at Gesso a while back (must have been 2015? …wow!) I wasn’t overly impressed. I picked up a PB&J…… Continue reading Tantrum Doughnuts, Yorkhill (Pastry Pursuit)

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Film Review – Lego Batman!

Hiya, Mr Debs and I have a long-standing tradition of going to see basically every animated kids’ film going (usually we’re some the very few people without actual children accompanying us!) and The Lego Batman Movie was certainly no exception to that. I loved The Lego Movie and fully expected to love The Lego Batman Movie…… Continue reading Film Review – Lego Batman!

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Butterscotch Bakery, Hyndland (Pastry Pursuit)

Here we go again for another dive into the wonderful world of Pastry Pursuit – this time it’s The Butterscotch Bakery in Hyndland! Having been recommended to me by the fabby Fiona of Coffee and Confetti, we popped along a wee while back (around V-Day as you can probably tell from the pics below) and I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last visit…